Monday, November 26, 2012

Rx Drugs, Grapefruit Causes Deadly Side Effects

For the most part, fruits and vegetables can be one of the healthiest things you put into your body. Grapefruit, however, are gaining recent headlines as a potential killer.

Scientists have known for many years that a specific chemical in grapefruit (called furanocoumarins) can dissolve natural enzymes in the stomach which reduce the potency of prescription medicines. Drugs are usually made more potent to begin with, in order to contend with this enzyme. This extra potency can lead to severe side effects and even death.

Researchers have listed 85 prescription drugs that they have proven interact with chemicals in grapefruit. These drugs are prescribed for anything ranging from anxiety to HIV Treatments. 43 of the 85 drugs noted caused serious side effects, up to and including death, and more drugs are being added to that list by the day

"The problem with these grapefruit combinations is that people don't realize how dangerous even one bite of grapefruit could be; even if that bite is taken hours before or after taking [Rx] drugs." says Doctor Heinrich Welson, a general physician from Verde Valley, AZ. "People simply aren't aware that it could cause side effects, and they certainly aren't checking with the pharmacist to see what fruits they can eat on medications."

What it comes down to is that the word needs to get out. People must realize that if they are taking medications, grapefruit is something that they should check with a doctor before consuming.

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