Monday, November 26, 2012

Nursing Assistants: Low Wages for These Angels?

Nursing Assistants may work in a retirement home, a cancer treatment center, or even in a patient's home. These angels do all the dirty work; cleaning up patients after they go to the bathroom, bathing patients, and feeding patients. On top of all of this, Nursing Assistants also must endure so very tough workdays mentally as well, as many of their patients are terminally ill, severely diseased, or mentally impaired. Sometimes these medical professionals even work until their patients have passed away, and afterwards. Yet still, these professionals are paid much less than any other medical professionals.

Truly an atrocity, the pay scales for this type of work is very skewed, as many of the service centers hiring these professionals try to cut costs anywhere they can. The main cost incurred by nursing centers, is the wages of nurses and assistants. One justification some nursing centers use to answer for the nursing staff's low pay, is that nursing assistants are not required to have as much medical education as say a medical assistant. While this is true, nursing assistants must have a caring heart and a strong will to be able to do this job.

Just as teachers often say that you have to love the job, because the pay isn't much, nursing assistants do the job because they truly do care about their patients, and the love what they do. We owe all of these angels a debt of gratitude.

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