Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Future of CT Scanners

Aquilion One dynamic volume computed tomography, or (AOVCT), is a new form of "CAT" scan  (CT Scan) that has been developed and is now being tested in some of the most high-tech institutes and medical centers around the country. This new technology is a huge leap forward for medical diagnoses and treatment, as it sees the movement and the functions of the body in real-time.

These new advances in nuclear medicine services are opening doors and gaining insights as to how the body functions in an average, healthy person; and how it performs in those afflicted by various ailments and diseases.

The power to watch the body in-actions, lets medical professionals promote healthy functions and inhibit unhealthy functions (Such as deficient -- or runaway -- immune-response).

The diagnosis abilities of this new CT scanning device alone, are enough to boost science and medicine progressing into the future.Seeing a malignant tumor in 3D in real-time is now a reality. Seeing how the blood-vessels jet through the arteries and veins is easy, and allows doctors to see exactly where blood cells are getting held-up throughout the entire circulatory system's course. This can greatly reduce the risk of death from cardiac diseases.

Apart from Nuclear Cardiology, this same technology can ban easily used in Oncology as well. Imagine, watching your own child moving in the womb, in amazing detail.

The possibilities are only limited by the minds of the millions working in the medical industry right now. Follow Southwestern Imaging to keep up-to-date on this new technology.

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