Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Treatment Centers Relying on 12 Steps

The 12 step addiction recovery process seems to be getting utilized by more and more addiction treatment centers these days. One of the biggest factors causing this shift from newer processes to the traditional is that recovering addicts that have been treated using the 12 step method tend to have better long term recovery results.

While newer treatment options -- such as holistic and natural treatments -- still show promise, no newer programs seem to show the type of long term healthy lifestyles that patients have shown under 12 steps.

Patients that have taken part in 12 step recovery programs often leave treatment with a renewed outlook on life. This positive view helps to propel them forward in their sobriety without the harsh yearnings for drugs and/or alcohol that many other recovering addicts often battle with. The 12 steps themselves act as stepping stones when an individual encounters a torrent of temptation. By keeping the philosophy of the 12 steps close to them, many recovering addicts are able to live out the rest of their lives without any incidents of extreme temptation or relapse.

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