Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Tools of the Trade

Karl Storz, a physician that has often been called "The Father of  Endoscopy," began producing surgical instruments for ENT specialists in 1945. Storz' goal was to make his own surgical instruments that would give surgeons and physicians a unique view inside the human body while performing their surgical duties.

Nearly 70 years later, Karl Storz designed medical instruments are still the most popular type of devices in-use in hospitals and medical centers. The fluid designs of a Storz instrument is usually a smooth, flowing, thin, stainless steel lever with its appropriate head shape in a very tight and effective design. Storz was also one of the first doctors to experiment with image transition through bent scopes. This allowed for doctors to use "cold" light either emitted from an instrument inside the body, or emitted outside the body, and reflected downward into the body.

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