Friday, January 4, 2013

Imaging Technology Building Jobs

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 The medical industry has seen a large expansion in the United States in recent years, with the opening of hundreds of hospitals, thousands of medical centers, and hundreds of schools and technical programs offering education for jobs based in the medical industry. Partially due to the rapid growth of medical knowledge and technical breakthroughs, health care and health care professionals are in high demand currently.

The medical imaging sector has seen a good portion of the overall growth, with more students seeking education for nuclear medicine service degrees than any other sector in the medical industry. It is a very good thing that so many students have decided to go down this avenue of medical studies, because more and more medical centers are beginning to house their own medical imaging centers on premises, rather than referring patients to another location to have their scans done. This means that many more technicians are needed globally that have been trained in CT scanner processes.

It isn't just medical professionals who are reaping the benefits of job availability, technicians are also needed who can service and repair the actual imaging machines as well. These machines, such as PET scanners, Cardio MDs, Gamma cameras, and Biograph 16 machines, are highly technical and require skilled workers to be able to rectify any problems or glitches that the machines may encounter. With so many of these machines popping up around the country, engineers that are trained in maintenance and repair of the devices are highly sought after.

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