Thursday, January 3, 2013

Synthetic Marijuana Side Effects Coming to Light

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Several years ago, when synthetic marijuana (Often called K2 or Spice) began to gain popularity all over the United States as a legal replacement for marijuana, many users of the drug felt that since the desired affects obtained from smoking synthetic marijuana so closely resembled actual marijuana, that the negative effects would also be low and not serious. Now, as users have been abusing the drugs for some time, we have some insights into what the short and long term effects of synthetic marijuana use can include.


As it turns out, smoking synthetic marijuana has a devastating effect on the circulatory system as a whole. Depending on the strength of the "spice blend," a user's blood pressure can rise to dangerously high levels after just one "hit" of the drug. Not only does the inhaled smoke of this drug dilate the blood vessels to extreme levels, but the smoke also irritates the lining of the lungs so much, that the tissues begin to swell immediately have inhaling, inhibiting strong, deep breaths.


Drug rehab treatment centers treating addicts who have been smoking synthetic marijuana for extended periods of time have noticed skin issues in addicts that mirror the issues seen in users of methamphetamine. Burns and sores are common, as the chemicals cause a numbing sensation to the skin as it is leaving a user's body. These "down times" when an abuser is not using synthetic marijuana, the skin gives a crawling feeling, causing the individual to pick at or peel skin.

While these are just a few of the synthetic marijuana side effects found, side effects are plentiful with this drug. It is arguable that synthetic marijuana causes more common, acute, mild, and severe side effects than any other drug on the market. Ranging from constant pain, COPD, Hypertension, low blood sugar, atrophy, and more, these side effects are not light side effects -- these are quite serious. In light of these findings, drug addiction rehab professionals are shocked, and are striving to get users of this dangerous drug into addict treatment immediately, before additional damage to their bodies is done.

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