Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Back Pains

Have you been experiencing severe back pains this winter? Well, let us explain why this may be. 2012 was a very strange year climate-wise. The summer saw extended warmth, not so much heat waves, but a steady warmth. As summer passed into winter -- through autumn -- there was never a single moment when temperatures really snapped to lower temps quickly. This slow turn of the seasons could be to blame for the extended periods of time when you experience joint aches or back pain.

Pittsburgh Chiropractic practice, Grice Chiropractic has noticed the trend this winter of many patients stating that they have always had mild pain, but this year it is simply unbearable. This is likely due to the fact that the colder temperatures have slowly entered the US this year, leaving a painfully long term for the body to adjust to the cold. These pains we feel are indicators of wear, past breaks, or deficiencies in parts of the body. In-short, the pains are your body telling you that there is a problem right here, and the cold is flaring it up.

This initial signal is meant for the body to warn the brain to be careful of these areas in its daily activities. What patients should take from this, is that no matter what the weather looks like, those problems are existent, and need treatment. Scheduling an appointment with your chiropractor can help to investigate these pains and fully diagnose the problems.

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