Friday, December 21, 2012

A Holiday Gift For Your Health

Organic fruits and vegetables really are -- an opinion doctors have voiced -- much better for you than genetically modified or processed products. The levels of raw nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins in naturally grown organic produce trumps the levels found in chemically treated produce. Though the fruit of a "treated" plant may be much larger in size and have a much more pleasant appearance, this is mostly due to chemicals and antibiotics, and is no indicator of the health benefits and values of the plants fruit.

The best thing you can do for your body and health is to start eating more organic fruits and vegetables. But, with prices of organic fruits and vegetables being sometimes up to 10x the price of treated produce, it can be difficult -- financially -- to keep these products in your refrigerator and/or kitchen shelves. One great way to avoid the expenses of purchasing organics, is to simply grow them yourself.

Now, don't get nervous, growing organic vegetables and fruit trees is actually quite easy. Willis Orchards is an online purveyor of fruit trees, accessories, and a reference for keeping them alive and healthy. Willis Orchards makes owning and caring for orchard trees simple and effective. The trees themselves -- whether you decide on an apple, orange, or fig tree -- can be purchased as seeds, seedlings, or adolescent trees. The trees can then be shipped to any place in the United States, and planted in what space you have for plants.

To get a jump start on your health for 2013, visit Willis Orchards and start browsing through their selection of fruit-bearing trees. Jump on the organic bandwagon, and visit them online at:

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